Monday, September 5, 2016


Here is a story that claims that the Russians are preparing to hack the Presidential elections.


I have several observations:

1. The US Ambassador was on the streets of Moscow in their last Presidential election trying to throw the election to Vladimir Putin's opponent. That was patriotic and noble according to our leaders. We can trash Russia, but they cannot trash us.

2. The officials reporting this alleged hack are political thugs appointed by President Obama. This causes me to assume that they are making this up for some reason. I am assuming this scare is a False Flag to make an excuse to cancel the elections. False "evidence" will be presented soon, and Obama will stop the elections under pretense that he is saving America's election process.

3. Hillary is floundering badly. She is looking more and more like a cheap criminal over her emails and how she conducted herself as Secretary of State. She is also in deep trouble with her health, and she could soon end up in the Emergency Room or ICU. This would throw the DNC into chaos as they tried to produce another candidate. President Obama will make sure there is no election in order to keep control of power.

4. All my life such intrusions into US life, politics, and military environments by Russia have been kept secret for months or years. The necessary fix or action is taken, spies arrested, and then the Federal agency doing the investigation reported to the people after the problem was solved. This information that we are being hacked is either an admission that we have become helpless in defending ourselves, OR, it is just what I said, a False Flag. The whole idea is to cause you and me to panic and wish for safety. This will then drive us to imagine that canceling the election is a good idea.

5. The problem with these reports is that we have no way to prove they are lying or not lying. We are forced to take their word for it. Could Putin prefer one candidate over the other? Certainly, and he has almost said so out loud. But, our Federal agencies will never let the press see the details of any hack. We the people are not allowed to have all the information anymore.

6. Who is the best candidate for Russia's interests? The answer will tell you who benefits if Russia hacks our elections. The answer is that Hillary is a murder machine like Athaliah in the Bible. Putin knows Hillary loves to start wars, and he may well worry that, if elected, Hillary will start WW III. Trump has said plainly that he wants to normalized relations with Russia. That means dropping sanctions and backing away from saber rattling. Obama and Hillary want war. They have proven they do by their actions for eight years. So, if indeed Putin does hack our elections, he will be "voting" for Trump.

7. The mainline media are at war against Trump. They need distractions to keep the sheep from watching Trump rallies. "The Russians are coming" used to work well in the 1960s, but it may not work too well now. Many Americans are moving from the mainline media to Internet alternatives and Fox News. But the hack story by the Washington Post is clearly a courtesy distraction for Obama.

So, it is looking more and more like President Obama will be serving a third term. He has joked about how he wished he could stay on as President, and I do not think it is a joke at all. He has an African ethic when it comes to government. Just like Third World African leaders, the competition can be snuffed, and the system can be trashed. The top priority is for fearless leader to stay in power for life.

This is how empires end, and America is crashing in every aspect of life, especially political life. I suspect you can pretty much count on it..... no election.