Monday, September 12, 2016


Slick Willy will be standing in for Hillary in San Francisco. 


This will be the way life will go if Hillary is elected. Hillary will be resting for a couple of days, and eventually, for four years. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton will be posted to the masses and the world in place of the real Hillary.

The problem is, Bill is wasting, and he is clearly having moments of "lost in outer space." This could easily be because of AIDS. Given his obsession to chase whores, Bill has to be infected with AIDS. So, he is wasting away, and he shows signs of AIDS dementia, the end stage of the disease.

What a great image of America this will present to the world.

Two cadavers hanging out in the White House while aids make excuses for their absence. "Greetings, King Abdullah. I have been authorized by the President to offer you the Lincoln bedroom tonight. The Clintons are resting. Perhaps you can come back in five years." 

But, that is not the worst if it. Bill Clinton will not think the same way Hillary thinks. Bill will not lie the same lies Hillary does. He will make official edicts on behalf of his ailing wife, and then later she will countermand them. The people who will suffer the most from this will be the Pentagon. They will be going and coming, not sure what the policy will really be.

This will not work. The USA will descend into chaos.