Sunday, September 25, 2016


Hillary is clearly crashing slowly from all sorts of ailments, including a deadly case of bad conscience. She is guilty of arranging the deaths of many people, though the official report is always suicide. There are more than 21 dead bodies strewn out along her back history, three recently from the DNC.

But, the big scandal of the hour is her health, which is treacherous.


This woman is clinging to her long time ego trip to the Oval Office. If she cared at all about the destiny of America, the Democratic Party, and her own life, she would have bowed out long ago. As it is, she may well crash at the debate, or worse, the day before the November election. At that point, the Democrats would have no candidate.

The only rational explanation for this is that there is a deal between Hillary and Obama. Hillary runs the scam until just before the election, bows out or heads for the ICU, and Obama can claim the elections need to be postponed. This would give him his coveted third term.

In any case, God seems to want this plan, for he could have snuffed Hillary long ago. It may well be that God wants to let America be thrashed and destroyed by Hillary and Obama. This would be very just and righteous on God's part, for America is roaring and raging in lust for parties, sports, toys, and "my rights." The Church in America is a hog slop apparition of what the early New Testament Church was.

God is not impressed.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

Thus, Hillary and Obama may well be shepherding America to Hell on behalf of God.

If this is the plan, then I can predict how America will die.

America was founded in rebellion against a king;America will be destroyed in rebellion against a king.Greg Estep, Dayton, Ohio circa 1992

If Obama declares Martial Law or invokes the Executive Powers Act, given to America by Ronald Reagan, some states will rebel. Obama will declare war against those states. The end will be Civil War and the violent end of Obama. Seldom do tyrants go away peacefully. After that will come the total destruction of the whole American dream and way of life.

You slapped God's face, America, and he is sending you were you deserve to go.